• Computer programs intended for refrigeration and air conditioning
  • Refrigeration equipment: heat exchangers of different kind, compressors
  • Computation of work characteristics of many components of refrigerating systems
  • Thermophysical properties of many refrigerants, refrigeration cycles
  • Calculation of refrigeration load for coldrooms and freezing tunnels
REFRIGERATION solved examples [unique book]
Refrigeration - Solved examples

Refrigeration - Solved examples

[unique book]

The book Refrigeration – Solved Examples is intended as a reference book for practising engineers who would appreciate having a summary of useful formulae made available for them. It should serve as useful supplementary reading to students at various academic levels, lecturers and research workers.

Engineers and students who are concerned with the solutions of the engineering problems of refrigeration often have to search for the required information from many books and extensive scientific literature which, however, do not always present results in a form convenient for application. Most textbooks contain materials with large theory referring to many references. For solving one examples it is necessary to have too much books and papers. This book contains completed and commonly accepted formulae and thermophysical data in order to solve examples in refrigeration and parts of air conditioning.

The book Refrigeration – Solved Examples contains the following chapters: basic calculations, refrigeration cycles with an ideal gas, single stage vapor compression refrigeration systems, complex vapor compression refrigeration systems, absorption refrigeration systems, condensers, evaporators, heat exchangers, cold room, different examples, thermodynamic and physical properties of refrigerants and secondary coolants.

The suggested formulae are compiled from a careful selection of reliable and accepted data. Basic references are publications of ASHRAE and IIR. Almost all examples are controlled by corresponding computer programs, so the results are with very good precision. The System International (SI) units is adopted throughout. There is a table for conversion between "SI" and "IP" units.

ISBN 9989-43-128-0
256 pp.(A4 format)
Enthalpy-Pressure diagrams for 7 refrigerants (A3 format)
1) English edition; 2) German edition

Prof. Dr. Risto Ciconkov