• Computer programs intended for refrigeration and air conditioning
  • Refrigeration equipment: heat exchangers of different kind, compressors
  • Computation of work characteristics of many components of refrigerating systems
  • Thermophysical properties of many refrigerants, refrigeration cycles
  • Calculation of refrigeration load for coldrooms and freezing tunnels
REFRIGERATION solved examples [unique book]

Coldroom / Freezing

Calculation of refrigeration load for coldrooms / Freezing tunnels

"COLDROOM" and "FREEZING" are computer programs for calculation of refrigeration loads for coldrooms and freezing tunnels (including spiral and blast freezers). They are applicable for large and small capacities, walls with one or more layers with different materials, normal and low storage temperature, indoor and outdoor installation, different kind of products. The procedure and used data are based on ASHRAE publications and a long experience in practice. There are many components to the refrigeration load: (1) the transmission load, (2) the product cooling/freezing loads, (3) the product respiration load, (4) the infiltration air load, the internal loads (5) from lights, (6) heat of people working in the space and (7) from electric motors i.e. fans of air coolers.

Many tables are Incorporated from ASHRAE Handbooks for: thermal conductivity of insulating and building materials, temperature allowance for sun effect, specific heat of food above and below freezing, specific heat of packing material, heat of respiration of fresh fruit and vegetable. The program calculates thermodynamic properties of moist air and processes too. A quality summary on a printer with many details, usable to complete a documentation and quality and clear presentation to the customer.