• Computer programs intended for refrigeration and air conditioning
  • Refrigeration equipment: heat exchangers of different kind, compressors
  • Computation of work characteristics of many components of refrigerating systems
  • Thermophysical properties of many refrigerants, refrigeration cycles
  • Calculation of refrigeration load for coldrooms and freezing tunnels
REFRIGERATION solved examples [unique book]

List of the programs

  1. COS - computation of a shell-and-tube condenser
  2. KCOS - work characteristics of a shell-and-tube condenser
  3. COV - computation of an air-cooled condenser
  4. KCOV - work characteristics of an air-cooled condenser
  5. SIS - computation of a dry shell-and-tube evaporator
  6. KSIS - work characteristics of a dry shell-and-tube evaporator
  7. ISC - computation of a flooded shell-and-tube evaporator
  8. KISC - work characteristics of a flooded shell-and-tube evaporator
  9. VIS - computation of an air-cooler evaporator
  10. KVIS - work characteristics of an air-cooler evaporator
  11. KARK - work characteristics of a refrigeration reciprocating compressor
  12. STAT - thermophysical properties of refrigerants
  13. RECY - computation of refrigeration cycles (different kinds, many refrigerants)
  14. LAM - computation of fin coil (cooler/heater) with liquid inside
  15. KLAM - work characteristics of fin coil (cooler/heater)
  16. SHT - computation of a shell-and-tube heat exchanger liquid-liquid/gas
  17. COLDROOM - calculation of refrigeration load for coldrooms
  18. FREEZING - calculation of refrigeration load for freezing tunnels

  19. AUXILIARY PROGRAMS (free of charge)
  20. BCL - basic calculation
  21. MAIR - moist air

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